Mobile Software Solutions

Bolster uses world-class software engineering and design to deliver intuitive and immersive mobile platforms for some of largest brands in the world.


For almost a decade, Bolster has been shortening the sales process by creating customized, intuitive and consolidated Sales Support, Training and Configuration Systems for original equipment manufacturers. Our comprehensive applications can be integrated with existing customer and inventory management systems, thus providing clients with improved revenue, logistics, and distribution as well as  decreasing printed / traditional media spends collectively.

Our applications are built on platforms that are manufacturer-tested and dealer-approved. We actively look to the future to keep our current and future applications at the forefront of the technology and logistics space(s). All of our mobile solutions are engineered with our clients in mind—keeping things simple and hassle-free. 



Bolster Sales Support System

with Comprehensive Application Management

Bolster is a powerful set of cutting edge tools that enhance and simplify the communication and sale of your products. Bolster improves the conversation and relationships between your sales force and sales leaders. Our applications keep everyone involved, informed and productive in the sales pipeline. Messages, notifications, updates, and changes can be segregated so that communication is sent to the group or region where and when it’s needed.

Bolster allows the end user to customize the product of their dreams. They can select from various features, and the according price is calculated—in real time. A “trade in value” calculator can also be utilized to give a total estimated cost. Other financial calculators include financing terms and down payment options. All generated data can be compiled and distributed to the manufacturer through standard email to all clients.


No Internet needed...

No Internet? No Problem.

We understand the mobility of dealer sales staff. And we've created Bolster to work both with and without an internet connection. Once the app is downloaded, our users can utilize all of the features—even offline. Bolster will automatically update the database as soon as a connection is reestablished.