Enhance & Simplify.

Increase your product sales, training & knowledge


Bolster is a powerful set of cutting edge tools that enhance and simplify your communication and sale of your product line.


Bolster provides customized, intuitive and consolidated technology solutions for equipment manufacturers. Bolster's content management system (CMS) is a powerful tool built on a tested infrastructure that are manufacturer-tested and user-approved. Our software as a service (SaaS) can be integrated with existing customer relationship management systems, inventory management systems, ERP Systems and third-party providers.

We actively look to the future to keep our applications at the forefront of the technology and logistics spaces. All of our mobile solutions are engineered with our clients in mind—keeping things hassle-free. Bolster is designed specifically for manufacturers of all sizes to display real-time, up-to-date product content that is fine-tuned for mobile apps. We know that a network connection isn’t always available, that’s why our API is designed with offline use in mind — allowing for business to move forward even in remote locations.

Bolster Features

Bolster CMS is centered around the curation of manufacturer and OEM products. Tosupport display of marketing information and detailed specifications, Bolster offers multiple page types, easy-to-manage content and media assets

Lead Capture

Bolster’s integrated lead management tool for lead capture and management

Bolster can be connected to any CRM.

Data Grid

  • Product specifications
  • Model comparison charts
  • Competitive advantages


  • Fully integrated multilingual support across all page and content types

Product Categorization

  • Series Selector
  • Product Selector
  • Product Overview

Media Collections

  • Images
  • PDFs
  • Videos


  • A collection of fields that allow for flexible content lists and information

Immediate ROI

Distribute all collateral to the palm of your users hands to any mobile device. Update globally and immediately as content or documentation changes or grows.

  1. Product Information Guides

  2. Specifications

  3. Performance Bulletins

  4. Marketing Materials

  5. Pictures

  6. Videos


Content is distributed by user preferences by geographic location, region and role within the dealership with a password protected, user authentication process. The application loads all content on initial download with internet connectivity. The user is able to access the application offline and populate a cart or Personal Marketing Experience (PME) with desired collateral. Once the device is reconnected to the internet, all items in the queue are immediately sent to the prospective customer.

All events within the user credentials are tracked by a comprehensive analytics suite that is available for the OEM level to access in the Content Management System (CMS). This is where user accounts and dealerships are created and content of the application is managed.


Inventory Module

Manufacturers and dealerships will now have the ability to pre-configure models that will be on display at boat shows and dealer events. They will use the AMS to select options, finance, and custom fields.

Dealer Margin Module 

Setting individual dealer margins has never been easier. By logging into the AMS, a dealership can control their margins on every boat and option that they offer.

Supplier Module

Dealers now have access to the Supplier Module, which pulls in manufacture-supplied product information, such as motor options, alongside boat inventory. Dealers are able to offer more comprehensive boat build information to their customers with this added feature.

Simplify communication. Streamline sales.


Dealer application

Increase sales, training and product knowledge with Bolster. 

Bolster is a powerful set of cutting edge tools.

Stay up to date and on the go with offline access to spec sheets, rating charts, user manuals, photos, warranties, and contracts. Offline? No problem. Store products for offline use and gather lead information. Bolster will automatically update the database and your tablet as soon as a connection is reestablished.

High-definition graphics brings product benefits to life as a client is actively engaged with dealership sales staff. Only one model on the floor? Not an issue for Bolster. Present clients with trim options, photos and videos on the spot. Upselling additional features is now as simple as a swipe or a tap of the finger. Powerful, effective one-on-one presentations and order taking have never been this seamless.


Create and track leads smoothly and effectively within the application with the Personal Marketing Experience (PME) configurator. Drive the sale without worrying about wi-fi. Additionally, Bolster allows users to export lead details for upload to almost any CMS once internet access is restored.

Looking to save your device’s free space? With Bolster, users have the ability to pick and choose which products and corresponding information to store on the device with a “star” feature. Want to save everything? Not an issue—simply select the preference to “store everything” and Bolster will download the full dealership inventory to the device making it always accessible.



Cummins Marine Engines

Cummins Marine Engines

Hatteras B2B Application

Hatteras B2B Application

Beneteau Consumer Application

Beneteau Consumer Application

All Content available Offline.

By providing offline access, users will have the same, most up-to-date, sales materials and can use those materials to create custom presentations. All content (videos, imagery, PDF's) load immediately since localized on device.

Reduce Print Costs

Reduces print costs by eliminating the need for printed materials typically needed in the sales process. The items include: brochures, sales slicks, fuel study documents, technical specifications, product information guides, parts catalogs, training manuals, dealer incentive packages, news releases, press releases, pricing guides, magazine articles. Many of our clients report the reduction by print brochure quantities by as much as 100%.

Immediate Collateral Updates

Using the CMS, the app can be updated immediately by pushing content out to entire global network. Collateral updates can be synced to specific dealers based on geographic location or by specific products — no more need to re-print and re-distribute print collateral.

Reduce the Sales Cycle

Cycle By leveraging Bolster and the CMS, dealers and sales professionals can reduce the length of their sales cycle.

Increased Capacities @ Shows & Events

All users will have the same, most up-to-date, sales materials and can use those materials to create custom sales presentations.